Fo Kuan Shan Buddha Museum(佛陀紀念館)

No. 1, Tongling Rd Dashu, Kao hsiung City, Taiwan


Fokwong mountain is a mahayana buddhist organization located at 153 hing tien road, hing tien, dashu district, kaohsiung city, republic of China. It was founded on May 16, 1967 by master changshi xingyun, kaishan sect.By 2017, foshan has more than 200 academies or affiliated ashrams around the world.
Fusion is not only the tradition of Chinese Buddhism Buddha mountain, education, charity, repairing the essence of practice in "move" zen, in "the" bank of China, complete the modernization of Buddhism and open sex, and the heart is committed to the Buddhism culture exchange, emphasizes to follow and practice the Buddha Buddha, is to carry forward Buddhism of the cult of human sexual idea of humanistic Buddhism.
Buddha mountain monk believe the construct modern mahayana bodhisattva dojo and buddhist believers at home for the main members of the international Buddha's light, such as both wings of the bird, in a complete interpretation of the master "give people the confidence, give a person happy, give people hope and bring convenience to people" of the "four to" work creed, advocating "do good, fair, good" miyoshi movement, the purification of Buddhism people "body, mouth and mind" and compassion practice practice gist, into language and appearance of modern words, promote and implement in Buddha mountain building design concept and daily action.Foshan mountain is full of kaishan xingyun's ideal and spirit of building "pure land on earth" and promoting "Buddhism on earth".As a result, kaohsiung has become a buddhist temple in Taiwan, a sacred place for the "three treasures" and an important base for practicing Buddhism on earth.