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November 1, 2019


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November 2, 2019


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November 3, 2019


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November 3, 2019

1. Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Center/Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum (佛光山佛陀纪念馆)

Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Center, located in dashu district of kaohsiung city, was inaugurated in 2003 and completed on December 25, 2011.The construction of the temple was initiated in 1998 when master xingyun went to India to teach bodh gaya the international three altar ring. The Tibetan lama "gongga dorje rinpoche" presented the buddhist tooth relic and expressed his wish to build a temple in Taiwan.9;s memorial hall covers a total area of 100 hectares, facing east and west.The main building is located on the central axis, from the east to the west in order to have "hall of worship, eight towers, ten thousand people photography platform, bodhi square, the museum and Buddha light Buddha" and so on.
佛光山佛陀纪念馆位于高雄市大树区,2003年举行安基典礼,2011年12月25日竣工。兴建缘起于1998年星云大师至印度菩提伽耶传授国际三坛大戒,西藏喇嘛“贡噶多杰仁波切”赠送佛牙舍利,并表达盼能在台湾建馆供奉的心愿。 佛陀纪念馆坐西朝东,占地总面积100公顷,“前有八塔,后有大佛,南有灵山,北有祇园”。主建筑位于中轴线上,从东至西依序有“礼敬大厅、八塔、万人照相台、菩提广场、本馆及佛光大佛”等。

 2. Fo Guang Shan Sutra Repository (佛光山藏經樓)

The buddhist sutra building of foshan mountain is located beside the avenue of foshan, also known as "magic mountain", which represents the important department of "cultivating talents through education" in the four purposes of foshan mountain.It has sangha education, faith education and kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and other units.