Keynote Speakers

Keynote I

Prof. Tsong-Ming Lin
Nanhua University, Taiwan

Ÿ President of Nanhua University (January, 2013-Now)
Ÿ Civil Servants Protection and Training Commission committee member (2011-Now)
Ÿ Political Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education (September, 2009-December, 2012)
Ÿ Administrative Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education (February - September, 2009)
Ÿ President, National Yunlin University of Science & Technology (2001-2009)
Ÿ Director General, Employment and Vocational Training Administration, Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan (1994-2001)
Ÿ Director General, Department of Technological and Vocational Education, Ministry of Education (1989-1994)
Ÿ Director General, Bureau of Solid Waste Control, Environmental Protection Administration (1987-1989)
Professional Society Services 
Ÿ President of Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan ( 2013.7-Now)
Ÿ President of Institute of Green Life Taiwan (2013.7-Now) 
Ÿ Chair of Management counseling committee, Chinese Institute of Management Science, Taiwan (2002-Now)
Ÿ International Journal of Production Economics editor committee (2000-Now)
Ÿ Chairman/Member of ad hoc committee, CIIE (1979-Now) 
Ÿ President of Industrial Education Association (2008-2010)
Ÿ President of APIEMS (2007-2008)
Ÿ President of Technological and Vocational Institute, Taiwan(2006-2010) 
Ÿ President of Global Talentrepreneur innovation and Collaboration(2006-2010)
Ÿ President of Nature Life Education Institute(2006-2010)
Ÿ President of Human Resource Development Institute, Taiwan(2003-2006) 
Ÿ President of CIIE (1995-1998, 2003-2006)
Ÿ President of the International Employment security Society, Taiwan (1995-2003)

Keynote II

Prof. Wen-Pei Sung
College of Humanities and Creativities, National Chin-Yi University of Technology, Taiwan

Biography: Wen-Pei Sung is currently Distinguished Professor and Dean at the college of Humanities and Creativities, National Chin-Yi University of Technology. He is a member of Accreditation Council, Ministry of Education, a committee member of Public Construction Commission. He won Diplomate, Water Resources Engineer, American Academy of Water Resources Engineers and elected as Board Certificate Environmental Engineers, American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists, also is Fellow, International Congress of Disaster Management, India; Fellow, The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), UK and Fellow, International Engineering and Technology Institute (IETI), HK.

Keynote III

Prof. Shih-Shiung Chen
College of Science and Technology, Nanhua University, Taiwan

Biography: Shih-Shiung Chen is Chair Professor and Dean of the college of Science and Technology, Nanhua University. He concerned much about human health and food safety thus he devoted most of his life in organic agriculture development in Taiwan. Prof. Chen is one of the main consultants of the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan of Taiwan. He assists government of Taiwan to establish organic agriculture regulations and certification system as well as performing a specific role for nationwide development and promotion of organic agriculture for more than 20 years.