Best Papers

2017 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture Technologies
 (ICSAT 2017), Chiayi, Taiwan, 24-26, November, 2017

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2016 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture Technologies
(ICSAT 2016),
Dubai, 3-5, December, 2016

Corrosion Behavior of Low-Carbon Steel in Model Solutions, Containing Empty Pbd-Peo Vesicles
Hitham Mahmoud Amin Hassan and Dessi Koleva
TU Delft, Netherlands

Mechanical Properties of Functionally Doble Layered Thin Slabs
Milan Rydval, David Citek, Tomas Bittner, Sarka Nenadalova and Jiří Kolísko
Klokner Institute CTU, Czech Republic

Recent Advance in Silica Production Technologies from Agricultural Waste Stream–Review
Khushbu Patel, Nirendra Misra and Rakshith Shettigar
Department of Sciences, School of Technology (SOT), Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, India

2015 International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture Technologies
(ICSAT 2015), Phuket, Thailand, 25-26 December, 2015

Session 1
Augmenting Productivity of Major Crops through Seed polymer coating with Micronutrients and Foliar Spray
S. N, Vasudevan, S. R, Doddagoudar, Sangeeta I Macha, N. M,  Shakuntala and S. B, Patil
University of Agricultural Sciences, India

Session 2
Cost Efficiency of Green Residential Buildings in Pune
Anshul Gujarathi
College of Architecture, Pune, India

Session 3
Public Perception of Water Conservation, Reclamation and Greywater Use in the United Arab Emirates
Munjed A. Maraqa and Kilani Ghoudi
United Arab Emirates University, United Arab Emirates